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WWW.AFROCASTING.COM is an online Casting and Broadcasting service for Art Books. WWW.AFROCASTING.COM is published by Premiere Seine. Some features of the WWW.AFROCASTING.COM service are available for free and other features are paid by Members. By becoming a Member of WWW.AFROCASTING.COM, you agree to abide by these terms of use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you must not register on WWW.AFROCASTING.COM. The registration to one or more services of WWW.AFROCASTING.COM as well as the use of this site supposes the full and complete acceptance of the present ones by the Member. By ticking the box indicating the phrase ‘I have read and I accept the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Casting Service’ at the bottom of the registration page to validate it, the Member acknowledges that he / she is bound by the all the provisions of these terms of use.

General Terms and Conditions revised as of March 30, 2018.

In these Terms of Use, words or phrases beginning with a capital letter shall have the following meanings:

Casting / WWW.AFROCASTING.COM: refers to the advertising service of Casting and Diffusion of Multi Access Fee Art Books, published by Premiere Seine. Some parts of the Casting Service are available for free and others are paid by Members.
Subscription: refers to paid subscriptions allowing Members to purchase paid services on Casting.

Paid service (s): refers to all services accessible to Members related to paid subscriptions.
Member (s): refers to all Casting users who paid or did not use Casting.

Equipment (computer, software, telecommunications, etc.) allowing access to the services are the sole responsibility of the Member, as well as the telecommunications costs incurred by their use. To be a Casting Member, you must complete all the mandatory fields on the registration forms. The Member warrants that the data it provides are accurate and true to the facts. He undertakes to inform Casting without delay in case of modification of the data he has communicated during his registration and if necessary to make himself the said modifications. When the necessary conditions for registration are met, each Member has a login and a password, which are strictly personal and confidential and which must not be communicated or shared with third parties. In no case Casting can not be responsible for the loss of its identifiers and / or passwords by the Member. In the event that a Member distributes or uses these elements contrary to their intended purpose, Casting reserves the right to terminate the Member’s account without notice, whether or not there is a subscribed subscription. The Member shall be solely responsible for the use of such identifiers by third parties or actions or statements made through his account, whether fraudulent or not. It guarantees Casting against any request in this respect. Moreover, since Casting does not have the means to ensure the identity of the persons registering for its services, Casting is not responsible in the event of usurpation of the identity of a Member. If the Member has reason to believe that a person is using their identification or account, they should immediately inform Casting. When a Member wishes to sponsor a friend and provides Casting with the details of the latter, he undertakes to have previously obtained from this friend the consent to the processing of his data by Casting. He is also exclusively responsible for the Casting of this friend and third parties, the consequences of the transmission to Casting of his coordinates. Casting reserves the right to disable the accounts of Members who have not used the service for a period greater than or equal to 6 months. The end date of use of the service taken into account for the calculation of the duration of the period is defined as follows: the date of the last connection to the Casting service.

Once registered, and subject to having a valid Subscription:

3 renewable subscriptions are available, 0 €, 19 € per year or 99 € every 1 year for unlimited annual access and renewable.
Subscriptions on the Casting website published by Premiere Seine are renewable monthly, 1 month before each deadline you will receive a notification by email.

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